Calorie Shifting and Metabolism

Why most diets do not work

If you arrived to this website looking for information about diets in general, and calorie shifting in particular, then I assume that you already tried a few diets before, even starving diets. Let me guess, all those diets started great, you lost a few pounds the first few weeks, maybe you even lost a lot of excess weight. But how long can one keep a diet? Most of the diet plans out there are not designed in a way that allows any of us to follow them for a long time, and by long time I mean months and even years. So what happened next? You started gaining weight…all that weight that it took you so much effort to lose while on the diet. And maybe you ended up with even more fat (and less muscle mass) then ever.
Sounds familiar? I am sure it does, it happened many times for many of us. It happened to me too.

Understanding metabolism

So why do all those diets fail, you ask? Well, it’s all about the metabolism. If you are over-weight it simply means that your body gets more energy than it needs, so it stores the extra energy as fat for shortage times, when less food than usual is consumed. Well, this is good news for you because it means your body is doing a good work, right? Well, not really…you actually would love it if your body did not store that extra intake as fat. And even better, you probably want it to burn your fat instead of storing it. And why does the metabolism keep storing the fat even when you are on a diet, eating less than usual? The answer is that your metabolism learns the routine of your meals, and get used to what you eat – how many calories, what types of food, when they are consumed, how much workout you do and so on. Once it got used to the new eating routine, it becomes more and more efficient, and again your body find itself in a satiation where there is extra energy that can be stored. At this point you are no longer losing weight (this phase is called the “diet plateau”), and the breaking point will follow.

Calorie Shifting is the answer

So how can you avoid this pitfall? Use the calorie shifting method to trick your metabolism! If you constantly, day by day, shift the calories you consume, change the types of foods you eat, and do some workout, then your metabolism will never get used to the amount and type of energy is has. This means the metabolism will not get more efficient with time, and will not be able to store any fat, and as a result you will lose weight!

Calorie shifting plan

The problem is that it is not at all easy to count calories, know what type of foods to shift, and what eating schedule is the best. Should that stop you? Of course not! If you want to start losing fat by shifting calories, then all you need is a good reference guide and a calorie shifting menu generator. Click here for more info on a diet plan based on calorie shifting that offers free menu generator, and start burning fat and losing weight!

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