Shifting Calories Effectively

Many people follow some sort of calorie shifting diet program. This is a great opportunity to give a few tips and advices that will improve the effectiveness of the diet plan for those who are happily shifting their calories and losing weight.

Drink Water

drink waterFirst thing first, and this is a good advice even for those of you who do not go on a diet – drink a lot of water.
This tip is vital during a diet plan! Water is very important for our metabolism, and drinking a lot of water keeps the body working efficiently and in a healthy manner, which is exactly what you want your body to do.


Now, when on a Calorie Shifting diet program, you are allowed to drink almost any drink, including drinks like coffee, tea, diet soda and so on. I strongly recommend drinking green tea and lemon juice because they are a great detoxification agent and will probably help you to reduce weight and stay healthy.

Give the digestive system a rest

A general note about the calorie shifting meals – it is important to have at least two to three hours gap between meals. This way you make sure your digestive system works properly, and it has intervals of times during daytime when it can rest. Trust me on this one, you will feel a lot better if your digestive system does not work full speed all day long.

Exercise to burn fat


I can not talk about weight loss without mentioning exercise. I advise to do some sort of aerobic exercise for about half an hour a day, 3 to 4 times a week. It can be as easy as walking, as long as you do it fast enough. And why is it important to do aerobic exercise while on a diet? It will help you burn calories as well as improve your metabolic rate.

A second exercise tip is to so some weight lifting in order to increase your muscle mass. Muscle tissue simply burns a lot of energy, which means more fat is being burned on a regular basis.

The next step

If you are committed to losing weight then take the next step! All you need is a good reference guide and a calorie shifting menu generator. Click here for more info on a great diet program based on calorie shifting that offers free menu generator, and start burning fat.
I wish you all the success with your weight loss plan.

Feel free to write here your comments, and share with the rest of us your tips for healthy weight-free lifestyle

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  1. Marli says:

    Does anyone have an actual calorie shifting plan? All I can find on the web are explanations of what it is… but I need to find the actual eating plan. Any help? Also, I can’t even purchase one online, because it’s all American and I live in South Africa…!

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