Starving Diets Do Not Work!

starving diets do not work...Don’t fall for starvation diets

Starving diets do not work because they slow down the metabolism and put the body into a starvation mode, making it impossible to lose weight in a healthy way.

If you ever tried a starving diet, you probably lost some pounds quickly at first, but as time went by it became much harder to lose the extra weight. Finally you got to a point that you were actually starving yourself and still not losing weight at all.

As far as counting calories is concerned, it may look like you are going on a diet that will bring you the results you want, but it does not.

The reaction to starving diet

Starvation diet makes you hungry, tired and miserable. The normal reaction to this is to stop the starving diet, meaning going back to the regular eating schedule…but now you have a new problem because when you stop the starving diet, your metabolism is still stuck in a low calorie burning mode and by the time it catches up, you have gained all the weight back and probably even few extra pounds. Sound filmier?

The reason for this is the fact that the less food you eat, your metabolism burns fewer calories and adjusts to a low calorie burning rate. When you go back to the regular eating routine, your metabolism will be stuck in the low rate it got used to when you were on a diet. The result of this low calorie burning mode will cause you to gain back weight very quickly.

Muscle loss

Loss of muscle mass is one of the serious complications of a starving diet. Muscle mass is a major part of the body that burns fat, but on a strict diet you are losing your fat as well as your muscle mass. When you eventually stop the diet, you put all the lost weight back on very fast, but end up with even more fat and less muscle to burn it with.

It is simply not healthy

Starvation diets start a very unhealthy life cycle, and you should not start with them in the first place.
Starving yourself may decrease your overall mass temporarily, but it will also affect your health and damage your kidneys, liver and the rest of your organs in ways that are not at all healthy. The more you starve yourself, the bigger these problems will become.

The Bottom line

With a starving diet you may lose some pounds, but a few weeks after you stop the diet (which will eventually happen because one can not starve for ever…) you will get back to your original weight BUT with more fat, less muscle and a slower metabolism than when you began. Now it will be harder than ever to lose any weight…don’t say you weren’t warned!

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    […] Originally Posted by lunarla This is very unhealthy. You should be eating at leasssssssst 1800 calories daily just to function, not including being an active person (it varies depending on your age and gender). Sure, you may lose a bit of weight. But it will come back right on as soon as you start eating more. Not to mention, your body will be holding onto excess fat, while any weight that you do lose will be muscle mass. The fat will stay. I don’t mean to be harsh, but I know this from experience. When I was younger I limited my calorie intake and was left feeling tired and ended up gaining weight. This is because your body goes into starvation mode when you’re not eating enough, and it will keeeeeeeeeep anything you put into it, and not burn it off. When I started eating healthy, regularly, and enough I lost ten pounds by juuuuuuuuuust eating right and actually eating. I felt a heck of a lot better too. So I would seriously suggest reconsidering. Well said,in my opinion,losing weight and gaining weight have actually the same base,eat every 2 or 3 hours,if you want to gain weight you eat a big meal,if you want to lose you eat a small meal,people want to short cut or make things easy,but remember it took years or months of eating until you got fat and will take the same untill you lose weight. Healthy Living: I Skip Meals, Why Aren’t I Losing Weight? Starving diets do not work! | Calorie Shifting […]

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