Weight Loss and Green Tea

green tea is good for your dietGreen tea is healthy

Green tea has many health benefits, due to its many anti-oxidants ingredients. Drinking green tea on a regular basis can lower the risk of the four most major health problems of modern life: cancer, stroke, heart failure and diabetes. It can even lower your cholesterol! In addition, green tea even helps protect the skin from UV radiation and tumor formation.
You can read more about green tea and how it helps your heart here.

Green tea and weight loss

The most important fact for us is that green tea has a positive effect on weight loss. That’s right, drinking a glass of green tea every day will help you burn fat, and this is especially true if you drink green tea after exercise.
In a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that green tea extract increases metabolism and has a significant effect on fat loss.

How can I loss weight with green tea?

First, select a good brand of organic green tea at your local health store or natural grocery (try to avoid powder or pill forms of the tea).
An easier way is to shop online, TavaTea is one great online store that specializes in healthy green tea that will not only help you lose weight but will also keep your heart, memory and skin younger!

Start by drinking a cup of green tea every day.
To increase the effects of green tea for weight loss, brew a double amount of the tea instead of one and let it brew past its regular allotted time.

Do not add anything to your tea, and this includes honey, sugar or milk. Those additives will actually negate the weight loss effects of green tea. For the best weight loss results, always drink your green tea plain

Green tea has caffeine in it, so you should make the effort and switch your regular coffee drinks with green tea, which is a lot healthier.
However, if you are not after the energy boost that you can get from the caffeine in the tea, you can drink decaffeinated green tea instead. This is also a good solution for drinking green tea at night, because the caffeine may keep you awake for too long.

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Putting It All Together

Going right now to the local supermarket and buying green tea will most definitely help you lose fat, but keep in mind that it not have much effect on your weight loss without the proper diet plan and exercise routine. If you truly want to lose weight the healthy and easy way, take the next step and learn how calorie shifting will speed up your weight loss and fat burning.
Click here for a calorie shifting guide and a menu generator, and start burning your fat.

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  1. Hi! I used(and continue to use swiming) to get back and keep in shape. 5 hours/week and not only I lost a lot of weight but also got some nice muscle too in under a month. The same goes for my girlfriend to. Highly recommend.
    Worked better then any diet or product I ever tried :D

  2. Calorie says:

    Good info that tea lovers should be aware of :)

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